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Recently, more and more android phone and Mac OS X also get this ransomware, and many phone users also suffer from money loss. The cyber criminal is very greedy. In order to make more money, they update the virus version to make it easily and aggressively infect smartphone. It performs evil activities on your phone as it did on the computer to cheat you out of money. It is spreading through the network and tries to scare you under the title of Metropolitan Police in British.

Once it logs on your phone, it will display a large warning window which occupies the whole screen of your phone to claim that your device has been blocked as a result of Great Britain law violation, and also tell you in detail that your activities are involved with the following situation: Visiting websites containing pornography, viewing pornographic content, spreading spam, illegally using or distributing copyrighted content and so on.

If the penalty is not paid, all the data will be removed from your phone. If you pay the fine in time, your phone will be released within 24 hours. Many people may believe that is true and pay the fine, but finally their phone are still locked and they cannot do anything on the phone. Metropolitan Police Virus is widespread on the Internet, so it is very easy to get this ransomware when you surf online if you are not cautious to your online behaviors. Most people get infected with the Metropolitan Police virus by browsing malicious websites.

Remove FBI or Police virus from iPhone and iPad (iOS Guide)

Cyber hackers can upload this virus to websites that they have already hacked into. Those websites maybe some famous websites, porn web pages, music and video websites and so on. When people click on the malicious links to open the infected websites on their phones, this virus can be downloaded immediately. Once this malware virus gets downloaded, it can be automatically activated right away.

This fake police virus can get into your phone and make some changes in the system settings. This fake warning can appear as soon as the phone is turned on. Besides, it also comes through bundling into your downloading freeware, application. And other data you download from doubtful links can bring this malware as well as most of the dangerous infections. First Prev 4 of 4 Go to page. Tremaine Guest. Quote: I think such viruses are quite hard to get rid of with that nuch of ease.

So, i think for the purpose you need to formate your current window and install the new one, as if the virus is in your computer. Otherwise, it would also cause your computer performance slow. ITYM " "Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like? ITYM, Clarimost instructifold in posters adviceyness for better understandybold thereof. Take a laptop infesteedeadcly very much with virus and formate the window preferably not the kitchenpane variety, forgetting original installatio disk absolutelyentirely.

Heypresto computer fuktio. Zarathustra Guest. Tremaine said:. Change to a Mac, very few viruses and easy to remove if you do get hit. Provost LE. All that is needed is to apply the sensible use of good anti-virus and firewall application definitely not Norton which will update and run quite happily in the background. Also, by not doing anything cretinous like running.


And 7 months later I've just been infected with the same thing but under the guise of Europol. Ironically, I wasn't watching porn but a -Restricted- Army training film called "Captured" hosted by viooz. When I noticed it, I ran Malwarebytes in quick mode after checking a few Googled recommendations. Didn't find anything wrong.

Virus Problems – Fake Anti Virus and Ransomware

Restarted in safe mode and ran Malwarebytes in full mode and it tells me that there's nothing detected. Next I'll try Ccleaner and Restore. Wait out. Done them. It restarted so I've also started MSE wireless connection off for good measure.

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Restarted just now and it's not apparent. Curious that neither Malwarebytes nor MSE seemed to have found anything. These ads will typically be for other adware or potentially unwanted programs. Adware programs that are part of this family inject numerous and highly intrusive advertisements into web sites that you visit.

These advertisements can be so large that they push the normal content of the page farther down the screen to the point that you are unable to read the site's content without first scrolling down. Due to the constant bombardment of advertisements, you will find that your computer becomes sluggish, your web browsers are slow or freeze, and your hard disk is constantly being accessed. The Adware. Widget adware family are programs that display a widget on your desktop that advertises daily offers for games and other software.

When installed, this adware will occasionally prompt you to install programs that it is promoting.


Unfortunately, the majority of these promoted programs contain other adware that will further hurt the performance of your computer. BrowseFox is a family of programs that injects advertisements into web pages that you are visiting and search engine search results.

When installed, this family will install Addons, Extensions, or Browser Helper Objects depending on the web browsers that you have installed. This allows the Adware.

BrowseFox variant to inject advertisements into the web sites that you are visiting. These alerts are displayed in such a way that it appears that your computer has a serious issue such as fake crash screens, alerts that Windows is not activated, or just annoying popups that constantly display the same message. CloudGuard is an adware program that injects advertisements into web pages and search result pages. When browsing the web, this adware family will also show numerous advertisements on web sites that you are viewing that overlay the site's content.

This makes it very difficult to read the content of the web page you are visiting.

Remove Metropolitan Police virus (Removal Guide)

When the adware displays advertisements they will overlay the content of the web page and make it difficult to view the original content. Not a member yet? Register Now. Read More. FakeRean-Braviax The Rogue. FakeScanti The Rogue. FakeVimes The Rogue. FakeSmoke The Rogue.

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FakeCog The Rogue. Contra The Rogue. Vitruvian Adware. Widget The Adware. BrowseFox Adware. CloudGuard Adware. Privox Adware.