How to find my wifi password on mac os x

Step 2.

How to Find the Saved Wi-Fi Password on Mac

KeyChain Window will pop up for you and you have to click on the System from the left-hand side then Choose Passwords from the Category. Double click on the network that your computer has been connected to that network. Here want to know the password of Shabbir network. Hit allow continuing this process. Wireless Access Point Essential Configuration.

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How to find a saved WiFi password on Mac

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Type Keychain Access on Spotlight and search at the top-right menu bar on your Mac computer. Step 2.

View Wi-Fi Password on Mac

Then a new window will appear on your screen. Step 3. Finally, you are about to see the wireless password. In case your operating system is macOS What if the Wi-Fi connection is taken place in Windows computer and login password is unknown? In that circumstance, Wi-Fi Password Recovery software, which is available on Windows system, is strongly recommended to you. With the rapid recovery speed and high performance, this program enables you to recover lost Wi-Fi password at ease.

Method 2: Terminal on Mac

The recovery process is like this:. You will see the Wi-Fi password displayed on a little screen.

Just copy it to clipboard and paste to connect Wi-Fi successfully.