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I've tried to install corona on the PC but I get a few errors with msu files Anyway, I unpacked the files from the installer and put the R18 plugins into the Team Render plugins folder on the windows machine. However its not working as the console says corona plugin is missing?? The PC is visible from the mac and normal TR works fine. Any ideas? Is it even possible at the moment? Many thanks Edit: This is now redundant as I've ditched the PC and am using another mac as render node. Kyanu Active Users Posts: I would like to hear about your experience using the Macs for rendering.

I think about using my RMBPro and a render node. A lot of that, probably thanks to not only the impassioned opinions of users around the world, but also because of the ad campaigns by the two companies at the heart of the debate, Apple and Microsoft. For example, the popular Get a Mac ad campaign from Apple fanned the internet flame wars between Mac and PC users as it pitted the two against each other. What most ad campaigns don't mention, though, is that Macs actually are PCs.

After all, PC is only an acronym that means "personal computer" and has nothing to do with the hardware or software that makes up that personal computer. Still, common perception is that there's a difference between a "Mac" and a "PC". While they may look vastly different on the outside, when you open them up those vast differences start to disappear rather quickly. They're all made up of the same sort of hardware components, made even more similar ever since Apple started transitioning away from proprietary hardware inside of their computers and continues to this day, as evidenced by Apple's recent partnership with IBM.

Basically all of this means the primary differences of what's commonly thought of as Macs and PCs isn't really in the hardware, but instead can be found with the software that run on them. In this article we'll take a look at some of key things that you'll need to keep in mind when deciding on a Mac vs PC for 3D.

Operating Systems If you step back and think about how ingrained computers have become in our everyday life, it's sort of strange to think about how there's really only a handful of operating systems at the core of the technology that's running our everyday life. Mobile operating systems aside, the "big three" of computer operating systems that are run on most desktop PCs are, of course, Apple's OS X , Windows and the various Linux distributions. When it comes to a preferred operating system, everyone has an opinion.

As a result, many people will avoid using anything that's outside of their comfort zone. As Ben Franklin's now-famous quote says, " Time is money ". Although this may be a bit more literal for 3D artists who are freelancing, you don't have to be a freelancer to recognize that the more efficient you are, the more valuable you are to your employer.

The faster you can get work done, the more time you'll have to either move onto the next project or, at the very least, spend more time tweaking and polishing the work. In either case, saving time is a good thing. While the whole Mac vs. PC debate certainly isn't anything new, as a 3D artist it's in your best interest to use whatever tools help you accomplish your projects more efficiently.

Your choice of an OS can have a huge impact on that efficiency simply because of the tools that may or may not be available to you. Of course, exactly how an OS can save you time is going to vary depending on what sort of 3D projects you're working on. Pros and Cons of Macs For many years and with the help of numerous ad campaigns, Apple has positioned Macs to be the chosen computer of creative artists.

Some of the reasons for this range from great integration with Adobe's suite of software to simple things like being able to tag folders visually with colors.

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Even though a lot of the benefits for Macs are focused more at designers then being targeted specifically at 3D artists, that doesn't mean 3D artists can't appreciate and take advantage of the visual nature of the beautifully designed interface in OS X. One of the biggest drawbacks to the use of Macs for 3D artists are some of the tools that aren't available with OS X.

Perhaps the biggest of these is 3ds Max and, even though it's been given it's end of life , the still-very useful tool Softimage also isn't available for OS X. Let's face it, computers are computers. Anyone who tries to tell you that Macs don't have technical problems is wrong. Macs will fail just like any other computer. However, because Apple has locked down the OS X pretty heavily to avoid a lot of extreme customization that can be found in other operating systems, as a result there's naturally a lot less tweaking or optimizing that goes on for Macs.

While some consider this to be a drawback of OS X, when looked at in another light the time saved by completely avoiding the need to tweak the hardware and software is a huge pro for OS X. Mike: Saying that windows machines are not stable but a hackintosh is must be the biggest understatement that I have ever seen. The machines you guys have chosen are great beasts.

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I would have done some parts differently but that totally depends on what you need it for. Always all things Apple. Terrified and annoyed about going to Windows.

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Your fingers will get used to using your pinky instead of your thumb for combinations. It takes a lot of misses and swearing but it will come. Great video! Right now I'm building my own rig at home and it's almost exactly as yours.

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You all are my mentor. And hope to catch you some day in Chicago. Just moved here. Happy building!

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  • Almost the same amount of years and in the same dilemma. I identify a lot with what you think. Greetings from Costa Rica, many years following you. Cinema 4d user since version 6. My stats are close to it. Apart from this Ryzen is a beast in Arnold and Houdini. Hi Andrew.

    Minimum CPU Requirements CINEMA 4D R14 and BodyPaint 3D R14

    X-particles 4 is very poorly optimized for Threadripper. Everything works slower than Intel. That was the real thing all about choosing a Mac. Mac wasted this rank though. My supplier recommended I just get Anyway, having two of those Threadripper machines in our render setup has been a miracle, we spent like 3k on each of those machines and it means we can get a project out in a day rather than a week.

    Also as a nice aside, I authored a DVD on one of the machines the other day, and a job that normally takes mins, was all done in like 5mins. What a time saver! Also it may be worth thinking about using a M. Same situation here. I can shed some light on that. I use this machine for look-dev which actually is faster with two cards rather than four.

    Crazy I know.

    Mac vs PC for MoGraph | Part 1: More Bang for your Buck?

    But the Redshift Renderview interaction speeds slow as you add more cards at least that was the case with my 4xti system. So I use this new machine for look development and use my 4xti machine to render on. Super speedy. AVADirect looks like a good choice with tons of options and reasonable pricing.

    May be worth it to use them to save the build time and have a warranty for peace of mind. It would be nice if you could put at least approx costs for these setups. I emailed AVA last night, but have not heard anything yet. Got a mac pro about 6 months ago. Found out about the external renderers for c4d recently. It sounded like Nick was looking at the same problem.

    My only problem with the WX is because it is using the same socket with 4 die you can only access 2 of the 4 memory controllers which means 2 die need to hop across and use the other two to access memory. The same goes for PCIE lanes. If you use your machine for more than production you might find it disappointing.

    Mostly with poorly multi threaded software.