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Working Friends: Become best friends with your boss and all of your co-workers. Be Excellent To Each-other: Reach the maximum potential Karma. Dream Big: Complete a Lifetime Wish.

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Home is Where the Simoleons Are: Not Dead Yet: Resurrect a Sim. Power Overwhelming: Mad Skillz: Complete any 2 Skill Journal Milestones. Leet Skillz: Complete any 10 Skill Journal Milestones. Gain , Lifetime Happiness Points on one Sim. But it's Inflammable!: Extinguish a Sim on fire. The Reviler: Become a public menace.

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Epic Fail: Use the Epic Fail Karma Power on 13 unsuspecting sims not in your family. Start 5 romantic relationships. Fit For a King: Prepare a perfect meal. Buy out a commercial property in town. Botanical Perfection: Grow a perfect plant. Trophy Fish: Catch a perfect fish.

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It Stacks: Get 5 positive moodlets at the same time on one Sim. Master Architect: Child Prodigy: Complete a Lifetime Wish before becoming a Young Adult. True Wealth: Gain , Lifetime Happiness on one Sim. Complete 50 Challenges. Very Challenging: Complete Challenges.

Cars 2 ~ Cheat Codes ~ Complete Guide

Complete Wishes. Miracle Worker: Complete 1, Wishes. Baby Steps 5 points: Graduated 5 points: How you Doin'? Wishful Thinker 10 points: What Goes Around 10 points: Sim About Town 10 points: It's a Date 20 points: You Never Forget Your First 30 points: Woo Hoo!

Climbing the Ladder 20 points: That New Car Smell 5 points: Not Twice, But 10 Times 20 points: This is so Meta 5 points: I Double Dare Ya 5 points: Sim-Author 10 points: Epic Party 20 points: Partners in Crime 10 points: Stylizer 15 points: The Big Proposal 50 points: Movin' On Up 40 points: Expertise 25 points: Once a Parent, Always a Parent 40 points: Working Friends 30 points: Be Excellent To Each-other 15 points: Dream Big 50 points: Home is Where the Simoleons Are 10 points: Not Dead Yet 10 points: Power Overwhelming 25 points: Mad Skillz 15 points: Leet Skillz 25 points: Genie 30 points: But it's Inflammable!

The Reviler 30 points: Epic Fail 15 points: Here you can create your own tasks and adventures — just pick your location, game mode, weapons, length and difficulty level.

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The possibilities are endless, so start your engine and let the race begin. As well as the lengthy campaign mode there is an exciting local multiplayer mode, where you and up to three of your friends can join forces or go head-to-head against each other in frantic, furious races to the finish line. In Arena Mode, battle it out and try to score as many points as possible by attacking other players with your weapons. Release Date: Out Now Genre: Racing Publisher: Disney Interactive Developer: Guide contains all known Bonus Codes for PC version as well as mods to add a bonus track and new cars, plus some extra tips 'n' tweaks to get the most out of your game.

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Created by. Aussiedroid Last Online 10 days ago. Guide Index. How to Enter a Bonus Code. Class Unlocks. Bonus Car Liveries. All Cheats. Where Are My Savegames? Graphical Tweaks. Enable HD Resolutions. Skip Intro Movie. Disable Car AI.

How to Install. Restart Career Mode. Simply navigate to: These cheats will fast-track you to unlock cars that you would otherwise unlock during game progression.

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Unlock All Drift Cars. There are a number of built-in cheats available in GRiD that are unlocked on completion of the game. This means you need to get 1st place in all the Global Events plus beat the final Head-To-Head challenge with Ravenwest. Once you have conquered GRiD you will see the following options in picture below where you enter your Bonus Codes.

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Savegame Location: Manually Modifying Graphic Settings: Manually Remove Resolution Restrictions: