Mac optical drive conversion kit

Sometimes a Mac needs a fresh start. Either you feel your Mac is compromised with malware, or multiple OS upgrades have taken it's toll.

How to Install an Additional SSD Drive in Your Mac

Whatever the reason, Apple makes it possible to reinstall macOS. This method takes a little bit of planning. Recovery Mode is installing the macOS from a Time Machine or a Mac drive recovery partition such as your old hard drive.

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If you are using Recovery mode, plug in your Time Machine or Mac drive, restart the Mac holding down the option key. Select Time Machine or recovery disk. This is to be avoided, turn off power to abort, as the macOS it will install is the earlier version that originally shipped with your Mac. See How to install a macOS for detailed information.

Apple USB SuperDrive

There are many options when starting fresh. You can install the current version of macOS or a later version that is more compatible with your apps and programs.

You do not have to connect to another Mac, you can connect to a Time Machine or external startup disk to transfer files! If you want advice or check with an expert, please call, chat or email.

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  • This is done by removing the optical drive and replace it with the new SSD but more commonly the current HDD is removed and put into the optical bay with a Datadoubler. For to Macs only. Remove the current hard drive. Fit this drive on the Datadoubler. Remove optical drive DVD and replace with the Datadoubler. Install SSD into the empty space where old hard drive has located. You should now have your old hard drive in the optical bay and the new SSD in the hard drive location.

    Power on your Macbook Pro holding down the option key this starts the boot manager and shows all drive you can boot from. Your old hard drive should appear onscreen as a device to boot from. Select and start up macOS. The new SSD needs to be initialised formatted. Click on Erase.

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    Give the new drive a name such as "Macintosh SSD". The drive is now ready to be used. Will you be cloning your old drive onto the new SSD? If you are cloning, install SuperDuper! There are now two bootable drives, you need to make sure macOS uses the right one! It is a good idea to use the new SSD for a while.

    Upgrade Your Macbook Pro (SSD Upgrade, RAM Upgrade, Optical Drive Bay Adapter)

    Make sure everything is ok. If you do not need the 2nd drive as a backup and the new SSD is working perfectly you can erase the drive in Disk Utility. The 2nd drive can be use as a Time Machine for back ups or use as internal storage. This upgrade looks hard, but it is not, just a few more details, and we always provide printed illustrated guides and free phone tech support if you need help. These SSD drives are a standard 2. Proprietary here means an industry standard M. If you are looking for the SSD by itself please contact Upgradeable for a quote.

    The SSD, as in the previous model, is a proprietary M. An industry standard M. If you are looking for the SSD blade stroll further down the page or contact Upgradeable for a quote. Not everyone wants to do their own installation. We offer an installation service at our Sydney Pymble office. An Apple qualified technician does all our hardware and software work. We match SSD warranty, so our labour warranty is also 5 years.

    This means if you have to claim your SSD warranty, we will not charge a second installation fee! How can I get my new SSD installed? Below we have a full range of SSD drives with installation included. Just choose the size you want, there are no hidden extras. The price you see is the price you pay. In Store Services Menu. These are the kits or parts you need for a successful installation of your SSD. Add to your cart what you need with the SSD you have chosen. When checking out, don't forget to tell us in the customer notes which Macbook or Macbook pro you have, and we will include full printed instructions.

    All key commands now install the original macOS that came with your Mac. For example; if you have an older Mac that shipped with Lion, then internet recovery will install that version on your Mac. The only way to get a newer version of macOS is via macOS Utilities on Time Machine or a recovery partition on a Mac drive such as your old hard drive. From mid , most Macs shipped with part of the macOS embedded in the logic board. This allowed the Mac to do an Internet Recovery, go to the Apple website, download some software, and boot to the macOS Utilities page.

    From this page you could initialise a new drive and install the latest macOS. Changes from the release of High Sierra mean that the only macOS you can install via Internet Recovery is the version you have embedded on your logic board the macOS that shipped with your Mac. We are still testing different scenerios, if you have experienced something different, please let us know.

    Why is this an issue? From Sierra and High Sierra, Apple has a new drive format structure. To control how the latest macOS is installed, Apple has locked down ways to install it. With the dramatics out of the way, there are various ways to install macOS on your Mac, Apple provides many options. This quick guide is designed to answer questions you have and provide a bit of clarity on the different processes.

    Mac Ssd Fan Control

    This is based on our experience and is always being revised. If you can add to these guides, please contact us accordingly. If you don't have a Time Machine or a working mac drive with the latest macOS then you only have one option. So if your drive or Time Machine was created with Sierra, then that is the macOS you can download and install. You can not install High Sierra or Mojave.