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Double-click it to open it, and you should be able to add file to it and remove files from it. Ensure the drive is properly connected. Make sure that all of the cables are properly connected to the drive and to the Mac. If a cable has come lose, the drive will not appear. Make sure the drive has enough power. Some external drives require a separate power connection. You may need to get dual USB cable. This cable has a single USB plug on one end that goes into the external drive, and then splits into two plugs that both get inserted into your Mac.

Restart your Mac.

Seagate external hard drive how to set up on Mac - macOS Sierra

Oftentimes, there are problems with your Mac or hard drive that can be fixed with a simple power cycle. Shut your computer down completely from the Apple menu, and then turn it back on with the Power button.

A New File System

There's a good chance that the drive you connected will appear after restarting. Try different cables and ports. Run First Aid on the drive.

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Disk Utility includes some drive repair functions that can get a malfunctioning drive working again. Open Disk Utility from the Utilities folder.

The 8 best external hard drives and SSDs for Mac and PC users in 12222

Select your drive and click the "First Aid" button. Click "Run" to begin scanning the drive for errors. Allow the utility to fix any errors it finds. This may allow you to start using the drive again. Be aware that if errors have appeared, this could be an early warning sign of impending disk failure. Consider replacing the drive. All hard drives eventually fail. The probability that you hard drive will fail increases with each year that you use it. Even new drives fail at a rate that would surprise most people. If your drive is four years or older and isn't appearing no matter what you do, there's a very good chance that it's simply dead.

You can try plugging it into a different computer to see if it appears. If it's not appearing anywhere, it may be time for a new drive. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 4.

How to format your hard drive | Seagate Support UK

I have an external hard drive that it is attached to the new Macbook pro via an adapter. How can I access the drive? If it has the correct format, it will show up in you desktop. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 4.

The contents will only be erased if you format or partition the connected hard drive. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2.

Bryan Beege Berry. The stylish, aluminum body goes exceptionally well with Mac computers due to their elegant but simple design. As far as visual compatibility is concerned, the G-Drive is one of the best looking ones out there on the market for Apple computers. The device supports Apple Time Machine as well as Apple File Vault, so you can back up your files more conveniently and faster than ever. The added layers of protection from passwords and encryption also provide more security for your precious stored data. It is really lightweight at 8.

All in all, this is one great external hard drive to have if you want a device that matches the design of your Mac computer. The drive comes with a top to bottom metal design and a rounded unibody that will easily fit in your hand. It also weighs only 2 ounces making it extremely lightweight. This does not guarantee prevention of any damage but it does have a small buffer for protection. You also get to choose from an optional password protection option if you want.

That level of protection along with the AES bit hardware encryption will help you to keep all your files secure. Your external hard drive is a precious device where people keep their most private and useful files. It weighs about 7. The ADATA HDA is unique from the rest, as it comes with a waterproof, dustproof and shock resistant body that have military grade toughness that can absorb the damage from falls up to 1. After all, accidents do happen sometimes no matter how careful you are. The device looks stunning with a variety of color options and aggressive ridge designs on the sides. You can choose from a red, blue, black or yellow case according to your personal tastes.

The body is treated with triple layers of silicone and plastic to give it extra durability and grip. The manufacturer has also claimed to have done waterproofing tests by submerging it in 2 meters of water for 60 minutes with the USB port firmly closed which is pretty impressive. The device also comes with G shock vibration technology that instantly stops all activities when it senses a shock. The Silicon Power Armor A60 is a rugged and portable external hard drive that comes with 3 TB storage capacity, military-grade shock-proof body, cable carry design, USB 3.

Mac may not be the premier platform on which games are played, but this device is perfect if you own both a Mac and a gaming console. It also weighs only 0. The hard drive comes with a rugged rubber casing and an internal suspension system that will safeguard your data from crashes and accidental drops. The textured surface not only helps against drops but also to provide an exceptional grip that will prevent the device from slipping.

It is also water resistant offering complete protection from water spraying. With the USB 3. The 3 TB storage space really helps you save lots of data too from your Mac. However, you need to back up your drive before doing that. Design wise, the LaCie Rugged Mini is perhaps one of the cuter looking external hard drives on the market today. It looks like a traditional rounded rectangular external hard drive with a puffy life jacket on it.

Weighing at 0. The rugged rubber case makes the drive shock and drop resistant, as well as rain and pressure resistant which is a great aspect of this device. According to the manufacturer, you can run it over with a 1-ton car and it still will work. The rain-resistant nature of this device is a really important part because it is something that most of us may have to deal with a lot. The LaCie Rugged Mini is also one of the smallest devices in the rugged family making it very compact and easy to travel with. As far as usability goes, it comes with backward compatibility with USB 2.

You also get a 1-month membership to Adobe Creative Cloud, giving you access to all their apps. This will allow you to create some amazing content for film, TV or web and share them with the world.

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