Imessage on mac not sending texts

After you send the first message, a Details link appears at the top of the window. Click this to see your options:. Click the microphone button at the right of the chat field to record a brief audio message. It begins recording immediately. Each soundbite appears in your chat window as a little sound wave with a play button.

Connect with Messages in El Capitan

Who will use this feature? For all of us, Apple, thank you.

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Messages Is Chat Central You can chat in a variety of ways: My info is scrambled here, but yours will show clearly. Select the iMessage account.

Enter your Apple ID and password. Click Sign In.

Make sure the Enable This Account checkbox is selected. Enter the code on your iPhone. Sometimes, iMessage app is just going to stuck, you can force quit it and reopen it to see if it works again.

Potentinal Fixes to iMessage Not Working on Mac

Restarting can solve lots of annoy issues, and it may works well with "iMessage on mac not working" case. So, turn off your computer, and turn on it to try again. If probem remains, you can have a try on updating your Mac to the latest version to get the latest iMessage.

Use Messages with your Mac

Go to App Store to download and install the latest version. Sometimes, you may want to preserve some meaningful messages forever, or you may want to print messages for some reasons. The re-open the Messages app. Open Messages, then select Messages and Preferences from the Menu bar.

Connect with Messages in El Capitan

The click Sign out. Then open the Messages app and sign in with your Apple ID. Try to load a web site to check your Internet connection. If you do not have an Internet connection, you may try some basic troubleshooting tips like restarting your Mac, Router, Wi-Fi spot etc. Lets resolve this.

iMessage Not Working? This Is How You Can Fix It

You may need to enter the admin password if the checkbox is dimmed. Here is how you can resolve this issue:. Change Mac Screenshot Locations. The Keychain one fixed it, but I have no idea what I actually did in doing that—could someone explain? I fixed my problem by switching my iPhone to Flight mode, and back to normal mode.