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John Quick talks about this in the following feature. No, the goal here is to achieve a system that is going to deliver sound Hardware Which Apple computer you choose for computer audio will depend on several factors, but principally budget and portability.

Portable Macs, whether MacBook Pro or Air, make great audio computers, especially if you want one system that you can take with you. A Mac Mini is less expensive initially, but it does require an external monitor and keyboard for full functionality. An iMac is also a good option and the monitor is built-in. Some folks like me even use a MacPro desktop machine for audio duties. Any Mac that supports the current or near-current operating system can be used for audio playback duties.

Considerations such as whether you want portability are more easily quantifiable than whether one Mac model sounds better than another. Apple offers all its computers with different memory and hard-drive configurations. You can order a Mac directly from Apple exactly the way you want it or you can purchase a barebones configuration and add your own memory and storage later.

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OtherWorld Computing sells all the necessary parts as well as step-by-step instructional videos on its site for installing memory, solid-state drives, and auxiliary hard drives for nearly every model Mac. If you want to do an audio-only computer system, be aware that there are different levels of audio-only exclusivity. Access to the Internet is not necessary to play back a music file, but it does allow for greater levels of operability, including access to Internet radio which can be very good , streaming services, and GraceNote for identifying ripped CDs.

But a system with Internet access means that more operations will be ongoing and some could have an effect on overall audio quality. The tweakiest and most obsessive sound-quality-first Mac setups tend to be isolated stand-alone systems without Internet access.

Audirvana Plus: The audiophile music player

PreSonus, in its guide to Mac OS use, recommends turning off the airport wireless service while using a Mac for audio. Obviously this drastically reduces functionality, sort of like supergluing your mouth closed to keep from occasionally drooling. It can also work as a local jukebox.

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Airsonic comes with an integrated Podcast receiver and as based on Java technology it can run almost all platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix variants. For controlling the Mopidy from frontend you can install some extensions.

Moreover, has the capability to play music from your local disk and from cloud services like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Google Play Music via an extension on phone, tablet, desktops or web clients. Serviio is a free media server that can work as your private streaming server.

It supports streaming of music, video or images on your connected home network. Apart from the free edition, it also has a pro edition with enhanced sharing possibilities. As it based on Java technology which allows this music server to run on most platforms such Windows, Mac and Linux including NAS like embedded systems.

A Beginner’s Guide

VortexBox is a Fedora-based Music Sever Linux distribution that can easily turn your computer into a music server or Jukebox. Daphile stands for Digital Music Convenience for Audiophiles which is a music server and player operating system meant to run as dedicated headless music server PC. It is based on open source Squeezebox Server, Squeezelite, and Linux.

After installing the Daphile you will get an IP address just open it in the browser and you totally control your music library from anywhere locally or over Internet remotely.

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It can be used to create an Internet radio station or a privately running jukebox and many things in between. Sockso is a free, open-source, personal music host server which is really easy to setup to everyone. It available for Windows, MacOs, and Linux. If you do not want a high-end production music server and just basic need of streaming music or listen with your friends then Sockso can be used. IT is very simple to install just download and double-click on it. Music Player Daemon MPD is a server-side application for playing a variety of sound files through plugins and libraries and can be controlled by its network protocol.

14 Best Open source and free Music Server Software

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