Duplicate bridge scoring program for mac

Note : Wireless scoring is relatively new to North America.

The developer and distributors began testing with ACBL in November and support for the Bridgemate wireless scoring system has been a standard feature of the Windows version since March BridScore - Developed by Mr. Bob Anderson. Duplicate Scorer - Developed by Mr. Keith Sheppard. By Soxoft.

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A free Duplicate Bridge scoring system. Chris Stableford. A program which scores Duplicate pairs and accommodates almost any movement.

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  • Duplicate Bridge Scoring Free Download?

Stephen Brown. Scores Duplicates of up to 30 tables in a section, or more in multi-section mode.

Program Details

Scores Mitchells, shares and relays, arrow-switches, full and part Howells. Stephen Bligh. To get your copy of the guide as a handy download click the button below: Download Apps for Bridge Guide.

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    Posted July, Or the scores are entered while the wireless is disabled and the phone submitted to the directors at the end of the session. Very innovative idea and there is a huge market for this.

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    Hi y'all! Posted July, I say go for it, it sounds like a great idea to me. Posted July, This seems like a difficult thing to get right. First off, you need a fairly standardized app for a whole slew of mobile devices. I don't think you can just assume that someone at the table will always have an iphone or a droid or whatever.

    Bridge Scorer

    I guess you solve that problem by using html5 or whatnot. I think this is still a concern, unless the application is server-side.