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Now, the dream has come true. The inch model if you want to go for the stars. In Windows instead, we have a lot of options.

12222 MacBook Pro vs Dell XPS 15 OLED – Which One is Better for Video Editing?

One of the most favored is the XPS 15 by Dell. A sleek and light laptop not MacBook-esque-thin-and-light , but close that is one of the most realistic alternatives to the MacBook Pro both in terms of power and portability. Max Yuryev is going to compare these two machines to gives a better idea of their performances as editing laptops. Comparing the specs on paper, we can see a few similarities. Even though we know that specs on paper, even if we may enjoy comparing them, they are not the whole story.

Right off the bat, we get similar results, as expected, while comparing the CPUs in Geekbench. They are, in fact, almost the same since the difference in clock speed is so small. What you might not expect is the big difference we can see in the performance of the GPUs.

Big power, little change

Running the OpenCL test highlights a noticeable gap between the two cards. The Radeon Pro 20 is after all one of the latest addition in the GPUs lineup offered by Apple, so we would have expected some heavier lifting, instead, the card seems to be no match to the power of CUDA cores.

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One simple and boring task many editors will have to do is the stabilization of clips. While the Macbook's a beautiful machine, Dell's work on these laptops shows that you can make something look nice while being functional — instead of pursuing just thinner and thinner machines every year. I'm constantly impressed by the display on the XPS and just how far ahead it is of the competition, for example.

Microsoft's work to ship meaningful innovation on the desktop is paying off. But here's the rub: the MacBook Pro that's currently out there is a beautiful, frustrating insult. Now that the refreshed XPS 15" is on the market with a GTX TI, it's a no-brainer in almost every way and if you get it, make sure to get the model with the built-in fingerprint sensor!

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My weekday briefing helps busy people like you keep up with tech in a few minutes, explaining the why behind the story. The verdict Look, this thing has it all: it looks great, has one of the best displays in any laptop on the market and the specifications to match. For more from the switching away from Mac series: I'm switching to Windows from Mac, and looking for a laptop Building the perfect modern developer environment on Windows Essential apps for Mac users switching to Windows Razer Blade: a great, hardcore alternative to the MacBook Pro Eve V: a first-time laptop maker hits a home run.

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Our score. Read next Facebook is cannibalizing itself with Instagram. Some of my workload is heavily CPU dependent, so I am leaning towards the 8-core.

And while it is true that the thermal solution is not great, it did improve from the model. So much that the 8-core in the actually clocks higher than the 6-core in the It can sustain 3.

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  • While the 6-core model actually throttled below base clock before the firmware update. I think any thin and light, including the XPS and Blade, and probably the Asus and HP will have some thermal limitations when it comes to sustaining boost clocks.

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    They all have the same small heatsinks and 2 fan-design. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. By jerbookins Started 13 minutes ago Posted in Troubleshooting. By pkr Started 13 minutes ago Posted in Windows. By frozensun Started 15 minutes ago Posted in Graphics Cards. Existing user?

    Dell XPS 15 - OLED Vs 4K UHD LCD Vs MacBook Pro Comparison - 7590 UHD v OLED

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