Perl warning setting locale failed. mac os x lion

Just like when I was running Tunnelblick on Lion. For me this is a fast en good solution.

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I hope Tunnelblick is able to sort out what goes wrong with Mountain Lion. Otherwise Viscosity probably has a lot of new users to welcome in the coming months. Kudos to the Sparklabs team!

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Then I bought Viscosity that just works and has been stable from the start. I decided to install from scratch instead of migrating or cloning the old disk. The good thing is that everything is now fast and clean. In Terminal you can see the default shortcuts for this in the menu:.

I prefer a shortcut with just two keys.

Use X11 with Mac OS X

Just press the shortcut and it will appear in the box. Afterwards it should look like this in the keyboard preferences pane:. Now, go back to the Terminal application and have a look at the same menu as before. It should now list the shortcut you just added. For me this works ok as this works in any application. Changing shortcuts in Mac OSX is easy and allows you to make them work exactly as you prefer. It would connect, but the DNS resolving was unstable.

Update 2: TunnelBlick 3. Until today, it just gave me some annoying warnings from time to time. Like when installing an application with apt-get in Debian:.

Setting locales correctly on Mac OSX Terminal application « Remi Bergsma's blog

It did work, so nothing too serious. But a quick. Today I run into a more serious issue that cost me quite some time to figure out. I had stopped the pure-ftpd deamon to do some maintenance and then started it again. It did start without error, but connecting failed:. Nothing had changed in the ftp configuration. Notice the two errors at the top. I talked to a colleague about this and he suggested looking at the Terminal app settings. The setting is located in Preferences Settings Advanced.

No more errors!

Mac OS 10.14.5 fink-0.44.1

I tried restarting the pure-ftpd deamon from my Terminal app and it now works as expected. Even the warnings and errors when installing applications in Debian apt-get are gone. In fact, it seems this is the way it is supposed to work. This is the best way to go if you want to fix this for your users.

Thanks Reza! All you have to do is download his schema and open in it Terminal. Then tweak the colors a bit to fully meet our needs.

Apple Special Event 2010 - Mac OS X Lion Introduction

Update: I found that using these setting brought some trouble when working in vim and nano. This sets up a route to the Remi Bergsma's blog Linux sysadmin, cloud computing and more!

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Archives For osx. If a zero-length extension is given, no backup will be saved. Aha, it wants to save a backup file. So I changed my command to: sed -i '. But I still get the same response.

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Just a thought: If it's not going to work without UTF-8, why allow the user to configure this and allow for more room for error? It would be nice if figuring out what locales are would not be required to use this, just like you don't need to understand it before you can use ordinary SSH. Unfortunately, it's not exactly an install-time concern -- the choice of locale is the user's, in setting their environment variables. I agree it's not a concern with SSH, but SSH also doesn't correctly handle UTF-8 you will get garbage in your buffers if you try to use delete in cooked mode , so that's not really much consolation for us!

UTF-8 or whatever your choice of language is,. UTF-8 and then run "locale"? If that doesn't work, we may need to figure out how to build the right locales for you You'll need to be using a UTF-8 locale to use Mosh. UTF-8 on your local machine? You may have to build that locale with localegen I'm also getting the same error, but with UTF-8 locales apparently set.

Is there an expectation that the locale string be quoted? Quotes shouldn't matter, but we do have trouble right now with lowercase "utf-8". Bug Glad you got it working. Is the UTF-8 really the reason why it's not working? Or could there be something else. I found no flag to make mosh verbose If an error message points me in the right direction, usually I don't need to ask any developers. I'm sorry to take up so much of your time.

I managed to get this to work after seeing issues liked those above. There were a couple of things that confused me. First, on my Mac running Lion Thanks, srmadden, for adding your solution. I also added these to the configuration s of client and server. It's still not working. I'm wondering whether there could be other reasons why it's not working.

Is there a verbose mode? Is there something else I can test? Can it display the server message that it's getting and can I manually diagnose that? Thanks Sam.