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Can you anyone offer anything about this…? It was further said that the Nazis got their idea from naming Jews after valuable metals and gems from this ancient English police. Any comments?

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So geneology is important. You never know. You might marry a close cousin. Great topic. My name is spelled that way and I could never get a consensus answer from family members as to why it was spelled that way or why the difference from the Ellis Island records. I once was told that someone from the family was hanged for stealing a horse so some changed the spelling to distance themselves from the brigand as was custom in the Highlands. Then like Paul Harvey I got the rest of the story.

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Turns out another Scotsman with the exact same name as my Great Grandfather immigrated to the U. He was financially irresponsible among other things and my great grandfather was getting the heat; I. So Scotty did what any good clansmen would do. He found his moniker doppleganger gave him a thumping it was , so you know… and summarily changed his name on all of his debts and records to preclude further issues.

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What a load of rubbish. They lived in isolated rural communities and were often illiterate. My surname is McDaniel. My 5th great grandfather had the surname McDonald when he emigrated to Pennsylvania from Scotland. However, when he moved to Kentucky, the county clerk recorded his name as McDaniel on the census and tax records.

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Well said! Does that imply Son Of Brien or something like that? Macdonald without a capital D. Similarly, for one example, The Poles say last name Krasniewska for the female and Krasniewski for the males.

How Personal 'Bynames' Became Scottish Surnames

The spelling would be Ofada R…. Thanks for you time! Your email address will not be published.

Are All "Mac" Names from the Highlands?

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James February 26, am. In Iceland the use of a patronymic last name is cumpulsory. Caille February 26, am. I read this and a few hours later ran into someone with the last name NcEwen. Ed February 28, pm. Better not use the word Mac! Apple will sue you! Eric McMaster March 5, am. As a McMaster I must disagree with the article. Master is capitalized in our surname!

Ross March 11, am. P Smith November 20, am. Guest June 15, pm.

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  • German is von, Dutch is van. Nomnom February 8, am. Sven March 25, am. You can also click here for a list of the Most popular surnames in Scotland if you'd like more ideas. Name Gaelic Form meaning Adie. From Berkeley in England. Mac ghille michael.

    Mac Dhonnchaidh. Mac Fhearghuis. Mac an Fhleisteir. Mac Giolla Iain? Grand from French. Mac Ghregoir.

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    Cearr, Mac Ghillechearr. Mac Ghille Fhionntaig. Loganaich, Macgill'innein.