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Discover New Mac Apps. Categories Desktop Apps For You. Sign in Create account. Apps For You. Norton AntiVirus Definitions. Norton AntiVirus Definitions Overview Norton AntiVirus Definitions are the latest anti-virus detection files. Version Includes the latest virus definitions. Rate this app:.

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Post review. Most helpful. Norton of any flavor risks loss of your data. It installs crap all over your computer with innocuous names that defy search and removal.

Like bamboo — it also multiplies and expands. Even if you remove it — one missed tidbit can replicate the whole app again. Like 4. It's a really bad idea to list the virus definition updates as software listing on macupdate. Like 1. As I wrote on Jan 18, I wonder why does MacUpdate list this virus definition update and not the application itself? Followed by comments that you don't need an anti virus program on the Mac because there are no Mac 'viruses'.

The common user does not care, nor should be expected to know, the difference between viruses, PUPs, root, zero-day exploits, etc. Lay people call of this 'viruses', or malware in general.

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And techies are doing a dis-service by insisting that 'no viruses' exist on the Mac when they hear lay people say they have a 'virus', because lay people then feel that no protection is needed at all. The truth is the Mac is vulnerable to 'malware' whatever word or definition the techies want to call it. I am constantly helping friends, family, workers, remove PUPs, search engine hi-jackers, you name it.

Macs are just as vulnerable to those as Windows. Technically, they are not viruses, but to lay people, that is irrelevant, all they know is, something isn't right, machine is not working as it should.

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We in the tech industry need to stop responding to end users when we hear them say "I think I have a virus' with 'No you don't because Macs don't have viruses'. It doesn't accomplish anything, recognize they are using 'virus' to describe something they can't verbalize otherwise, because 'virus' is the general label that's been around for decades.

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Method 2. The Run dialog box will open and display on-screen. Follow the on-screen prompts to uninstall Norton from your computer.

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Repeat steps one through six for each Norton product you want uninstalled from your computer. Method 3. Repeat steps one through five for each Norton product you want uninstalled from your computer. Method 4. Open the Applications folder and launch the Norton security program you want uninstalled.

Enter the administrator username and password for your computer at the prompt. My Apple laptop can't connect to the internet WiFi, but it works on Ethernet.

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Could Norton antivirus be blocking WiFi? If the internet is working thru Ethernet and not working thru WiFi, then this is not the problem of the antivirus or any firewall. Check your WiFi router settings. An additional component is designed to scan the Facebook Wall for infected links, scams and hacking attempts.

End-of-Life announcement for Norton AntiVirus 11 and Norton Internet Security 4 for Mac

The default scanning configuration can be modified by expert users in terms of exclusions scan, real-time, signatures, file IDs , archives, rootkits and stealth items, network drives, heuristics, low-risk objects, tracking cookies, removable media, boot time, Symantec's SONAR protection feature cloud assistance , as well as updates, among others.

Settings can be restored to default, while tasks and statistics can be examined in separate areas. Notifications show the reputation level of downloaded files via Symantec's Download Insight to determine whether they are trustworthy or not. Furthermore, the app integrates a toolbar Norton Safe Search powered by Ask.

In comparison with many av solutions, Norton AntiVirus is extremely fast, mostly thanks to cloud assistance. It has been quite successful at detecting infected files in our latest tests. Its virus definitions frequently receive updates can be downloaded separately via Norton AntiVirus Virus Definitions , and the program generally remains light on resources consumption.

Users are welcomed to try out Norton AntiVirus for themselves and find out if it meets their requirements. Those looking for extra features may resort to Norton Internet Security.