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If that changes in the future, I will update this FAQ with this information. Long answer: First of all, is this a wired or wireless xbox controller? If it is wireless you will need to buy a "Microsoft wireless gaming receiver".

Installing the PlayStation Emulator 'PCSX Reloaded' on OS X Lion

Also, the Play n Charge cable only charges, and won't allow you to use the wireless controller as a wired one. In either case, you also need to install a driver, you can find it by clicking here If you are looking for an older version of the driver for Lion and earlier , click here. Are you using OS X Lion In this case, install an older version of the driver. If you are on a more recent OS X version, please use the latest driver version.

How to: PS3 Controller + SNES Emulator on Mac OSX Lion

Some of those controllers have a bad deadzone, fortunately, you can adjust the deadzone in the Xbox preference pane inside System Preferences this is installed with the driver. If it still does not work, please make a request here. Xbox One Controller is supported by installing the latest verion of this XBox driver.

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This one is simple, just press the central "PS" button once. The gamepad will work normally. Don't know why you need to do that, though.

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If you are trying to connect using bluetooth, try connecting via USB for the first sync, press the PS Button, then remove the cable. It is a little tricky because of a driver problem, I think not my app's problem.

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  • You may find this video helpful. If you are still having trouble to get it to work in Bluetooth mode, please play with the USB cable attached for some time and let the bluetooth on , eventually, it will connect to bluetooth. You probably will need this driver on Snow Leopard. Apparently, Lion does not need this. Although some third party PS3 controllers do work, some don't.

    Enjoyable - Joystick and gamepad mapping for Mac OS X ~ Yukkuri Games

    Only genuine PS3 gamepads are supported. I don't know, I can not test it because I currently dont have one. If you do and you are willing to test, please tell me. Does it have a switch in the back with a "X" and an "D"? Put it int the "D" position, which is compatible with Macs. These options are quick fixes that I included until I find a final fix. They are useful only in certain contexts and should be disabled when not necessary. See more info in the next two questions.

    When Playing in windowed mode in Minecraft and a few other games , the cursor may escape the window and get "stuck" in the corners. Enable this option to prevent this problem in this game. Disable if your cursor gets stuck when in other games. When I find a final unobstrusive alternative, I will remove this option. Sorry about that. Some games change the resolution to something lower than the native screen resolution to get more speed. In these cases the internal screen bounds needs to be updated to match the new screen resolution.

    But my current solution conflicts with Lion's Fullscreen. So, until I figure how to fix this problem properly I decided to include this in the app as an option. Please disable this when using Joystick Mapper and Lion's Fullscreen apps together. Note that this was removed on the 1. If you happen to have your mouse cursor crippled at some part of the screen like if it is in a "box", please change the ingame video resolution to a lower one.

    This may happen with a few games Call of Duty in Retina Macbooks. I will remove this option in the 1. If it works with other similar apps on mac, it will work on Joystick Mapper. In this case, please disable the other app , because it may be interfering in Joystick Mapper operation. Feel free to fiddle with them, duplicate or delete as you want. Just bind two or more keys to the same Input. See the "Example: Key Combination" to see how it looks like. You can also rename the file if you want. I will make a temporary fix for that If I cant find a proper fix in a future version.

    For now, you can try enabling "Minecraft fix", "Avoid Screen corners" and "Lock cursor to main screen", and play in Full Screen mode. These games are currently not compatible with joystick mapper, I am looking for workarounds. You can map to many simulated mouse buttons need to change controls inside game's settings for some limited functionality.

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    A joystick on Mac : the PlayStation 3 SIXAXIS

    Help Register Sign In. Open up the downloaded file Minecraft Controls PS3. Click the "Programming" tab on the top-left of the ControllerMate window 3. Drag and drop the "Minecraft" Group into Programming 4. Click the "Virtual Controllers" tab on the top-left of the ControllerMate window 5.

    Click on the Minecraft "group" 7. In the inspector window in the bottom-right, click the plus icon 8. Find your Minecraft application and select it 9.

    Connect PS3 controller and Play! Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. One issue Quote from NizzleBizzle I used to use a ps3 controller to play Titan Quest. Was a pain in the I was just researching how to do this and found this post. Where is the Virtual Controllers tab? Last edited by Roufrout : Aug 18, Does anyone have any experience with doing this using a logitech controller rather than a PS3?

    Quote from yuyuhakushi. I am frustrated here, It's not working. I don't see a programming tab nor a virtual controller tab Any help, or more specific instructions? I cannot wait to do this! A Newcomer to commentating.