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It was slow paced and simple - it is bound to work well with a pad. D3 has clearly been streamlined quite a bit, but it is still a very fast paced game, and it looks like the game is built around using a large number of skills - that just may not translate well to a pad at all, most importantly because of the pace of the game.

If they want to put gamepad support in, well, I don't care, but it strikes me as being pretty ridiculous. The only relevant point you have is the pacing - and I honestly don't think a mouse makes enough of a difference to matter because the pacing only relates to how fast you're clicking.

Dark Alliance has more than the amount of spells you'd be able to castle in Diablo 3 at once so it doesn't matter.

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Sure, you won't be doing some PvP - but you could play the game as intended. A good character in Diablo 2 had maybe 3 different spells to actively cast.

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In Diablo 3, I doubt it'll be any different if you plan making a good character. Gamepads were invited for people that sucked too much at pc games. You are the one that isn't open minded, stop your fanaticism because it won't get you anywhere, If you want flames I suggest posting this idea on a diablo forum, they will LOVE it.

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The driver software even tracks how many times you've clicked the mouse buttons. The side buttons are easily reachable and have a nice click to them, something I feel is missing from a lot of mouse side buttons. The Diablo III mouse also features customizable response times for your mouse, in case you are one of those awesome crazies who loves to tinker with that sort of thing.

Click, click, click. That's what this mouse is best at. Everything worked as normal. I was not startled by the breaking of plastic or the snapping of parts.

Review: Diablo III for Nintendo Switch is the best way to play this much-loved game

Kim loves Diablo Kim Rom is a very enthusiastic guy. That's pretty much the best way I can describe him. He's the guy who sold me on mechanical keyboards in and more specifically, the G6v2 from Steelseries by ripping off the space bar and showing me that there were no dumb springy metal parts that will break on me in 30 days. Kim also loves Diablo.

I had a roommate in college who absolutely loved Diablo and even borrowed an extra monitor that I had to play two games at once. Diablo has been around me or a part of my gaming life for a long time, and having a peripheral made for this game that gets at the heart of one of the game's motor concepts as opposed to just macros and more buttons and bulkier design gives me hope for peripherals in general that work to enhance gameplay, not just slap on buttons. What about outside Diablo?

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I used a Logitech MX for a long, long time before swapping over to the Razer Mamba, which has served me well for a good while. The key to making a product that works across multiple genres is make a simple product. Too much of a thing just confuses people, because we want each and every button to have a function. I liked the simplicity of the Razer Nostromo because it was all too familiar as a keyboard layout.

The Diablo III mouse is so simple and symmetrical that it just fits whatever game you're playing.

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It has the hardiness required for Diablo III with the added bonus at being good at everything else too. The mouse is sized in such a way that it even accommodates multiple grips on the mouse itself. I love simple mice like this. The software My only gripe with the Diablo III mouse is the software, and it has nothing to do with function. The software functions remarkably well, allowing for easy drag-and-drop mouse button selection. Mouse software is expected to be good these days, and Razer, Steelseries, and the rest are putting out solid software suites for their products.

My gripe is with the UI.

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Does this change my opinion of the mouse? It says Diablo III on the mouse itself. Do I think that I would like the option for a more slimmed-down configuration UI so that my mouse stays a little more timeless? I guess in that case I could just get the Xai, but the cool markings If you have the chance to put your hands on one at a display counter or store or something, you won't be disappointed. It's a really smooth, slick, and simple device that accommodates lots of hand grips and sizes, as well as any game type. Will it make you better at Diablo III?

I wouldn't know -- I'm already amazing. Not really.